intellectual property and e-commerce


At nexus solicitors we specialise in protecting intellectual assets, including reputation and image rights.


Our practice covers both transactional legal advice, including the preparation of intellectual property based business agreements and contracts, through to resolving disputes and litigating in these specialised areas when necessary.


It is essential that any business protects its brands and its strategy for doing so must be a core part of any business. We can advise you in identifying, defining, protecting and exploiting your key intellectual property assets.

By advising on your copyright and trademarks, we can help to ensure that the intellectual property in your creative work is appropriately protected and advise when others exploit it.


We can also advise on the most appropriate form of protection for your inventions by the use of confidentiality agreements and licences for the use of your designs. We can also assist in registering patents and designs and the exploitation of your rights. In doing so we can also assist you in avoiding infringing someone else’s intellectual property rights.


Web based businesses face a unique set of challenges and we can help you to deal with these ‘e-commerce’ issues by offering clear and commercial advice on areas such as data protection, online trading, electronic marketing, distance selling, information disclosure, privacy and cookie consents.


We can draft and negotiate your software and website licences and web trading agreements and advise on software and website creation rights, e-authorship rights, website terms and conditions, domain protection and software ownership and code rights.


We offer concise advice that cuts through the complex framework of UK data protection and wider information law to ensure that you operate compliant data and information handling practices.


We also assist individuals affected by incorrect usage of data advising on how to access information held by an organisation and claiming compensation for damage or distress.


Should your intellectual property rights be subject to an infringement or allegations of misuse of another’s rights are made against you, we will work with your business to achieve a cost effective and commercial outcome for you, resorting to litigation only when other non-contentious routes have been exhausted.


Our lawyers act in cases involving all aspects of intellectual property law.  This includes claims and disputes in relation to trademarks, copyright and patents, defamation, data protection and breach of confidentiality.  We regularly appear in the civil and commercial courts in cases involving passing off and other types of infringement, and are experienced in obtaining and assisting on search and seizure orders, and other forms of emergency injunction and interim relief.

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