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nexus solicitors acts for directors, company secretaries, LLP members and senior management in all types of businesses.


We advise in relation to the statutory and common law duties of directors and officers generally and in specific circumstances such as when the business may be purchasing or selling assets, refinancing, merging with or acquiring other businesses, selling divisions or re-structuring.


We advise on the composition of the boards of companies and LLPs and compliance with covenants in service and LLP agreements and other legally binding documents such as shareholder agreements, legal charges and other securities and financial documentation.


We also advise on the circumstances where directors and officers must legally make disclosures to their fellow board members and the business.


We advise on the preparation of company documents and minutes and the filing of the same at Companies House or with the business itself. We draft resolutions and other legal documents that are required.


We advise directors and officers when businesses are facing insolvency.


When facing insolvency, the directors and officers may have separate interests to the business and it is vital that those interests do not conflict. Quite often the directors and officers require separate independent legal advice to the business. We provide that advice. We also advise the directors and officers on the process of entering an insolvency process such as administration, liquidation or company voluntary arrangement.


We defend directors facing claims in court by insolvency practitioners during liquidations and administrations. We also defend directors facing claims by companies for negligence and breaches of service agreements.


We defend directors and officers faced with disqualification under the Directors Disqualification Act 1986 including the implementation of statutory undertakings.


We also act for directors of limited companies in liquidation wishing to use the name of the failed business in new ventures, including other companies and LLPs, partnerships and as sole traders.


We advise on and draft directors service agreements, shareholder agreements that affect the role of the directors and officers, and LLP agreements.


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Jamie trained and worked at a large regional commercial firm in Liverpool before moving across to Manchester in 1995. He specialises in corporate law.
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