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The corporate lawyers at nexus solicitors advise businesses of all sizes across a variety of sectors and provide a full range of corporate and commercial services. Our clients’ commercial interests are paramount and we offer clear, cost-effective advice


We provide advice on the wide range of business structures available today. We can help you to identify, plan, create and implement a legal structure that will suit your business needs and guide you through the whole process.


We have considerable expertise in advising on share sales and purchases, business sales and purchases, exit strategies, take-overs and company reorganisation and restructuring.


In relation to mergers, acquisitions and disposals, we recognise the importance of the due diligence process and take considerable care in the reviewing and drafting all related documentation.


The relationship between original shareholders can often change as a business develops and continuity of legal advice from the start of trading is important.


Making sure that everyone knows what happens if a shareholder wishes to leave, who has pre-emption rights in buying the shares of the departing shareholder, through to what happens if a take-over bid is received are just some of the many issues that need to be addressed.


It is essential to have the right agreements in place and we are able to draft the appropriate shareholder agreements, which contain the provisions needed to protect the company and the shareholders.  We can help to ensure that your interests in LLPs and partnerships are protected by clear membership and partnership agreements. We provide bespoke advice on your rights and obligations.


We advise on company formations and business start-ups.  We can help you understand the risks of business, assisting to minimise them by advising on the type of company or partnership that best suits your needs.

We provide clear advice on the duties and responsibilities of directors and partners and LLP members and the nature of their roles as fiduciaries and the consequences for them personally, collectively and for the company should those duties not be properly discharged.


We advise on drafting clear directors’ service agreements ensuring that commercial considerations are taken on board and can help you to deal with directors’ disclosures and any conflicts of interest that may arise.


Our advice can assist corporate decision-making and help when boardroom disputes do arise.


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Jamie trained and worked at a large regional commercial firm in Liverpool before moving across to Manchester in 1995. He specialises in corporate law.
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