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Do you owe money on your credit cards?

Is someone threatening to make you bankrupt?

Are you being chased for rent arrears?

Do you owe money to your bank, on loans or your mortgage?


nexus solicitors helps people who find themselves in all kinds of debt problems. We advise on all aspects of personal insolvencies, including bankruptcies, individual voluntary arrangements (IVA).


We always work with a view to avoiding bankruptcy wherever possible. The key is to take control and make sure that you get to where you want to be. That could mean that you enter into an IVA or come to an arrangement with your creditors. We will provide you with legal advice and put you in touch with other advisers that work along side us, such as insolvency practitioners.


We have considerable expertise in bankruptcies and in getting out bankruptcy. We represent people going through the court process not only in respect of being made bankrupt but where income payments, preferences and transactions at undervalue orders are being sought. We represent people who face Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders.


We act for people who have bought or received property from someone who is now bankrupt and is being chased by the Insolvency Service, Official Receiver or a Trustee in Bankruptcy and those being precluded from running businesses as a result of bankruptcy.


We give the specialist advice needed to get out of bankruptcy including cases of annulment (reversing the bankruptcy entirely), to shortening the time in bankruptcy.


We act for directors and partners in respect of their powers, duties and conduct, especially in businesses in distress and those directors facing disqualification or being pursued as guarantors.


The insolvency process is a step into the unknown for most businesses and having not only the right legal advice, but also the right team of advisers from other professional areas, is vital.


Many of our clients contact us at the start of their problems and allow us to handle the process from there.


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