family and divorce law 


Are you in the process of breaking up with your spouse or partner?

Are you unsure of what happens next?


nexus solicitors specialises in family law and divorces.  We provide advice and representation in all types and size of divorce.  We provide guidance on everything, from start to finish, with a view to making the process as painless as possible.


Our divorce law advice is not limited to traditional marriages.  We advise same sex couples in civil partnership disputes.


Our advice covers separation, financial disputes and settlements, maintenance issues and arrangements for children on relationship breakdown.   We also deal with business issues on relationship breakdown.


We also advise unmarried or ‘common law’ couples in dispute and where their relationship breaks down.


We increasingly are working with couples at the start of their married life, drawing up pre-nuptial and other asset protection agreements, so that if the worst happens and the couple divorce, the couple’s assets can be protected and split between them as they wanted.


We also work with co-habiting couples who are not married, helping them to control their affairs by putting in place cohabitation agreements and trusts dealing with everything from their homes through to providing for their children should they split up.

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Janet specialises in divorce law. Her clients include a number of high profile individuals. She handles high value cases and settlements.
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